Port Director Lynn Hohensee: Multi-Task Master

Bulkhead Project Underway at West Cal Port

Hohensee said the $1.6 million project would not have been possible without the Southwest Louisiana delegation’s assistance in securing the grant monies.


By Heather Regan-White

The replacement of bulkhead infrastructure is underway this week at the West Calcasieu Port, courtesy of $1,305,000 in capital outlay grant monies from the state.

Port Director Lynn Hohensee told the Daily News in an interview that improvements to the 40-year-old bulkhead on the port’s waterfront along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway are “critical to the port in its efforts as an economic development engine to assist our family of tenants grow their operations, expand their workforce, and increase their investment in our community through a larger tax base.”

Hohensee said the $1.6 million project would not have been possible without the Southwest Louisiana delegation’s assistance in securing the grant monies.

“I also want to acknowledge the strong and dedicated cooperation we received from Rene Becnel, project manager-architect, in Sulphur-native Mark Moses’ Facility Planning and Control office in Baton Rouge,” he said. “His expertise and professionalism made the whole Legislative capital outlay grant-funding process run very smoothly.”

In April, the port awarded the job contract to Orion Marine Group. Engineering support was provided by Sulphur-based Meyer & Associates. Hohensee said it took several months to order and receive necessary supplies before work could begin in August. Completion is expected in early fall, barring weather delays.

Hohensee said that in addition to Devall Towing fleeting operations of more than 100 barges per day, the port’s waterfront is also home to marine construction operations, wet barge cleaning and stripping operations and dry-barge cleaning and repair facilities. He said that Devall Towing anticipates that by 2020, Southwest Louisiana will see its regional demand for barge fleeting space expand to more than 200 barges per day.

“At the West Cal Port, we are doing all we can to help meet that growing demand — not only to provide a place to ‘park’ barges, but also to service them,” said Hohensee. He said the new infrastructure will play another very important role critical to the region’s welfare in enhancing the port’s ability to serve as a “safe harbor” for shallow-water maritime vessels during times of violent tropical weather conditions, including hurricanes.

“The port facilities played a crucial role in assisting marine traffic along the GIWW 11 years ago during Hurricane Rita and again a few years later when Hurricane Ike skirted our coastline but delivered a Category 5 surge into our region,” said Hohensee. “We plan on playing an equally critical role during future challenging weather conditions that will impact the water-borne movement of goods and supplies in Southwest Louisiana.”

Tubal-Cain Marine Services opens barge-servicing center at West Cal Port

SULPHUR, La, Jan. 22, 2016 – West Calcasieu Port officials announced this week that Tubal-Cain Marine Services has become the port’s newest tenant.
“Tubal-Cain Marine Services is expanding its operations out of southeast Texas and into southwest Louisiana to meet the growing regional demand for barge cleaning, stripping and maintenance services,” said Dick Kennison, president of the West Calcasieu Port board of commissioners. “And, they will be operating out of the West Calcasieu Port.”

Kennison noted that the port’s board members are proud to lease space at the port to companies that play a strategic role in expanding Southwest Louisiana’s regional economic expansion.
Headquartered in Port Arthur, Texas, Tubal-Cain Marine Services (www.tcmarineservices.com) is one of five family-owned businesses that operate under Tubal-Cain Holdings.

“We are excited to be working with the West Calcasieu Port to bring our services to Southwest Louisiana,” said Eddie Van Huis, President of Tubal-Cain Holdings. “The region is growing aggressively with emphasis on industry, and we want to play a role in servicing that growth.”

“Tubal-Cain initially will provide “wet” barge cleaning and stripping services, while operating out of the former Devall Diesel Building at the port,” said Lynn Hohensee, port director for West Calcasieu Port. “Within a few months, they will expand their services to include barge repair and maintenance while operating out of the western part of the port’s property.”

Tubal-Cain shortly will begin developing a permanent multi-functional barge cleaning and repair facility on a 10-acre tract of port property west of the port’s west barge basin. Once constructed, the facility will feature a marine vapor control flare, boiler-steaming service, tower crane support and a fully functional drydock facility.

The West Calcasieu Port (www.westcalport.com) offers waterfront property on the GIWW as well as more than 100 of its 213 waterfront access acres available for leased development.
Tubal-Cain becomes the sixth tenant at the port, and expands the port’s tenant base that already provides the following marine services – barge fleeting, dry-barge cleaning, marine construction, diesel engine repair, concrete manufacturing and concrete pumping services.untitled