West Calcasieu Port Nominates 4 Projects for FY2011 Appropriations Act

SULPHUR, La, Feb. 25, 2010 – The West Calcasieu Port has submitted four infrastructure improvement projects totaling $15.75 million for consideration in the FY2011 Appropriations Act.
The four projects included in the WCP’s request are the expansion of the port’s existing west barge basin, the construction of shoreline bulkheading, the installation of perimeter security fencing and the acquisition of land for port expansion.
“This week, our port director, Lynn Hohensee, forwarded packets of information on each project to Sen. David Vitter and Sen. Mary Landrieu,” said Brent Clement, president of the WCP board of commissioners.
The packets were supported with letters of recommendation from the ports two largest tenants – Devall Enterprises and F. Miller Construction, a subsidiary of Orion Marine Group.
Clement said that the Devall Towing, currently operates one of the largest barge fleeting facilities along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and that demand for additional barge docking space is growing as a result of damages by heavy hurricane impact over the past five years, maritime business growth and industrial expansion in Southwest Louisiana.
He also noted that F. Miller Construction’s parent company, Orion Marine Group, has made two significant corporate acquisitions since the first of the year and that it is anticipated that the maritime construction industry will continue to see business demand climb along the Gulf Coast.
At an estimated cost of $4 million, the west barge basin project would add an additional 800 feet of new basin capacity – enough space for 30 additional barges.
“The barge basin expansion project would complement last year’s maintenance dredging on the existing basin,” Clement said. “We also have applied for a port priority funding grant for this project through the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development.”
He also noted that additional bulkheading is needed at the port that would necessitate the installation of 1,200 linear feet of bulkhead and about 80,000 cubic yards of dredging at an estimated cost of $6.25 million.
The third WCP request for funding seeks $500,000 for the installation of perimeter security fencing and gate equipment, and the fourth request is petitioning for $5 million for the acquisition of additional land for port expansion.
“Growing the port and developing the economy of Southwest Louisiana is very important to our board of commissioners,” Clement said, “and the support of federal funds provided through the FY2011 Appropriations Act, has the ability to play a strong role in helping the port participate in the vibrant expansion of the region’s economic base.”
Located 12 miles south of Interstate 10 on Highway 27, the WCP has more than 100 of its 190 acres available for development – much of the acreage includes waterfront access on the GulfIntracoastal Waterway.
Current tenant activity includes barge fleeting operations, maritime construction, diesel engine repair and maritime supply operations.
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Download the bill here.